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Q:Why does centrifugal pump need to open the pump before pumping?

Centrifugal pump open the pump before the pump, there may be gas pump, due to the gas less severe, resulting in suction pressure and discharge pressure of the pump are very low, the gas is not easy to discharge, the liquid can not be inhaled pump. Therefore, the pump must pump before the pump to make the pump full of liquid, to avoid taking the time.

Q:What is resonance?

When the periodic load of the rotor is the same as or close to the frequency of the rotor, the machine will produce severe vibration, abnormal noise and large dynamic load until the rotor and the related parts are damaged. This phenomenon is called resonance.

Q:What need to do before centrifugal pump running?

1) It is confirmed that the valves, flanges, anchor bolts, couplings, thermometers and pressure gauges on the inlet pipelines are normally used;

2) Check the crank condition, listen to whether there is noise, is flexible;

3) Open the inlet valve, exhaust the gas in the pump body, fill the pump with medium and close the outlet valve;

4) Check the condition of the oil or grease inside the bearing box is normal;

5) Check the cooling water, oil seal is normal;

6) Check the wheel cover, ground wire and other safety equipment normal;

7) For the hot oil pump to check the preheating, the pump temperature is not lower than the medium temperature 40 ℃;

8) make good contact with relevant positions.

Q:What are the reasons for centrifugal pump motor current over high?

1) packing gland screwed too tight;

2) there may be friction between impeller and pump body;

3) The pump shaft and the motor do not have the same heart, the operation is not steady;

4) The pump outlet ring wear;

5) Lubrication is not good;

6) the proportion of liquid or viscosity is too large;

Q:What are the centrifugal pump head characteristic curve shape and application?

1) Monotonous descending shaped head characteristic curve, this curve shows that when the flow changes, the head changes. Pumps with this feature are often used for transporting media that tends to clog tubing.

2) Flat-shaped lift characteristic curve, this curve shows that when the change in flow, little change in head. For this feature of the pump, when the use of regulating valve flow control, high sensitivity, regulatory loss. Boiler feed pump requires a pump of this nature.

3) The hump-shaped head characteristic curve. Pumps with this characteristic may not be able to work under certain conditions and therefore can not be used in some cases. Such pumps tend to be more efficient and cost less and should be noted when selecting them.