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Q:In general, what is the efficiency of the centrifugal pump?

When pump flow Q and head H are constant, if the pump is more efficient, the power consumed will be less than the lower efficiency, which will save power. General small centrifugal pump efficiency of 60% -80%, large centrifugal pump up to 90%.

Q:What cause the power loss of centrifugal pump?

When the pump delivery of liquid flow in the pump, usually to produce hydraulic loss, volume loss and mechanical loss.

Q:What is the hydraulic loss of a centrifugal pump?

Liquid flow in the pump, because the flow of different degrees of smoothness, the size of the resistance is different; In addition, when the fluid enters the impeller and from the impeller will produce collision and vortex. Will also produce energy loss. Both losses are collectively referred to as hydraulic losses.

Q:What is the volume loss of centrifugal pump?

Because the pump body is stationary, a small portion of the high-pressure liquid at the exit of the impeller automatically flows back to the impeller inlet due to the clearance when the impeller rotates in the pump body. It is also possible that a part of the liquid will flow back from the balancing pipe to the impeller Entrance, or leak from the seal, these losses are collectively referred to as volume loss.

Q:What is the mechanical loss of a centrifugal pump?

Because the pump needs to be in operation with the bearing, packing and other friction, the impeller in the pump operation, its front and back cover and the liquid friction, the friction caused by the loss of energy collectively referred to as mechanical loss.

Q:What is the law of proportion of centrifugal pumps?

In the case of a certain speed, centrifugal pump flow Q, head H, power N is a certain value, once the centrifugal pump speed changes, the pump parameters also will change, this law is called the pump law of proportion.