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Q:What is the pump flow?

Unit time, the amount of liquid discharged from the pump outlet is called the pump flow. Can be divided into two kinds of mass flow G and volume flow Q. The unit of mass flow rate G is kg / s, kg / min, t / h. The unit of volume flow Q is m3 / s, m3 / min, m3 / h or L / s. Mass flow is equal to the volumetric flow multiplied by the density of the fluid.

Q:What is the pump head?

Pump head is the unit of mass of liquid through the pump, the total energy added value. Or the work of the pump element of the pump unit to the effective weight of liquid work done. Symbol H, the international units and engineering units are m-liquid column.

Q:What is the centrifugal pump speed?

Centrifugal pump speed is the number of pump shaft rotation in a unit of time. Commonly used n said unit: r / min. General small pump high 2900 r / min or 1450 r / min, large pump lower 970 r / min or 730 r / min. In the case of a certain speed, flow, lift, power is a certain value.

Q:What is the pump work and power?

Increasing 1kg by 1m, we say 1N · m for this object. The work done per unit of time is called power. Expressed as N · m / s. Common units: kilowatts (kW), 1 kW = 1000N · m / s

Q:What is the effective power? What is shaft power?

In addition to the energy loss and consumption of the machinery itself, the actual power obtained by the operation of the pump is called the effective power, expressed in N. Shaft power refers to the power transmitted to the shaft by the prime mover and is indicated by the N axis.

Q:What is the centrifugal pump efficiency?

Centrifugal pump in operation, between the various components, parts and liquid will occur between the friction, impact and leakage, etc., will lose some energy, that is to say pump shaft power will not be fully passed to the liquid, that is impossible to all Into useful power, the ratio between useful power and shaft power is called the efficiency of the pump, expressed in η. η = N with / N axis × 100%.