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A new star in the world stage of foreign trade circles

2006 Seakoo To the world stage

In support of the development of the market of SHIMGE, Seakoo was established in 2006. In the same year, the company's products began to go abroad and exported to countries such as Dubai, Mexico, Thailand and Morocco, opening up overseas markets.

As a new foreign trade company, without any customer accumulation and without any foreign trade sales experience, Seakoo developed its own set of survival rules and succeeded in launching the first shot in overseas markets. Not only with many new customers conducted in-depth communication and exchange, but also reached a friendly cooperation agreement, receiving a lot of new customers.

This is the first stop of Seakoo. It is the beginning of Seakoo's strategic development goal. In the future, Seakoo will do better and receive more loyal customers. Seakoo's business will be spread all over the world.