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Seakoo in Hangzhou: A new journey starts

In 2017, Seakoo opened an office in Hangzhou and invested in a subsidiary

Innovation and transformation,Seakoo reshapes VIS and VBL and opens up a whole new electromechanical trade ecosystem

Based on the long-term development strategy of the brand and raising the premium of the brand and the added value of the products, Seakoo took 3 months to complete the rebuilding of its corporate image and exclusive product style. And is committed to become a world-class high-quality mechanical and electrical products and brand integrated service platform.

Image end: Reshape brand core value, enterprise core value, brand temperament tonality, brand culture concept, develop and establish new corporate brand value experience, improve the Seakoo brand VIS system and extend the application.

Product end: To create not less than 20 series of products belonging to SHIMGE Seakoo. To form a Cushing star product line, to establish a product style belonging to the Seakoo, to establish the PI element of the Seakoo product, and to have its own uniform style.

Hangzhou is the new beginning of Seakoo. It is also a new opportunity. In the cosmopolitan city of Hangzhou, Seakoo will usher in a qualitative leap and will flourish.